The grand voyage for a big ship

How the Freeteam community is organized and works, what's new on the platform and a lot of good news - just below.

everyone on the Freeteam platform! We are glad to announce that our large community is actively developing and, thanks to partnership with the Tourist team, we have many new funds and many new students.

Not every newbie (and experienced players too!) can immediately understand the structure of our team. Therefore, we want to dwell a little on how Freeteam works and structured.

First of all, this is a team consisting of several backing funds for different levels and disciplines, both Cash and MTT, ranging from beginners to top limits players.

For the convenience in work and communication, we assign ranks, titles, achievements, etc. to each limit.

Since Freeteam is a free community, every successful student who has achieved good results and is well disciplined in playing and studying can become a coach and open his own fund.

Such a system, with a variety of funds, allows you to build more flexible approaches to training. Each coach has freedom of action and can implement his program and best practices.

Students have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the latest and most relevant content, because almost all of our coaches, in addition to training at Freeteam, also train in top MTT teams and funds, both Russian-speaking and foreign.

However, a high level of freedom, along with flexibility and variety of development options, also has some risks.

For example, some funds started to pursue an independent policy that is inconsistent with other community members. Which itself is not a disadvantage at all and is quite consistent with the spirit of Freeteam.

But in the current situation with these funds, all this negatively affects the entire community, the reputation of the platform and the Freeteam brand itself.

So, some funds that work on our platform, at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, had a shortage of financial funds for backing. Players had to wait for a long time for money transfers. And sometimes funds stopped working with players without any explanations.

This irresponsible policy of these funds management led to the fact that a number of players appeared who were provided with very poor service. Naturally, these players were dissatisfied with this situation.

To avoid similar problems in the future, we have introduced a hotline where each player can contact with their problems or difficulties, if such arise in the process of cooperation.

You can also write directly to the founder and leader of Freeteam - Pokerukr (Pasha) - on our discord server.

And in order to finish this article with something positive, we want to inform you about the development plans of our team.

News 1: We launch a new training portal.

There will be added new courses and videos. This will be especially useful for beginners, because there will be collected and structured a lot of training content.

News 2: We are improving our referral system.

This will allow you to receive more bonuses for inviting friends and acquaintances to our team.

News 3: We are integrating Sharkscope into the fund system.

This will help managers to keep track of the results in a convenient way, and in the long run will help to automatically fill out the reporting system.

News 4: We are improving the system of funds transferring to players.

First of all, we make a convenient form for requesting and posting transfers, which will simplify the work of both fund managers and reduce the waiting time for transfers for players.

News 5: We are starting to actively develop our affiliate program.

For these purposes, we invited a person with extensive experience as an affiliate manager at GypsyTeam. Now our players will be able to receive more bonuses from playing in partner rooms - not only from a well-designed schedule, but also from the return of part of the rakeback. Fund managers and trainers can also receive additional bonuses.

News 6: We will introduce a local currency that will replace our FTP points.

News 7: We will launch Freeteam in other language regions

And the last piece of good news for today - we have vacancies :)

We invite everyone to join the development of our team in the following roles: forum moderator, copywriter, assistant for a coach.

At the end of the article, we would like to note that the fast implementation of all these projects becomes possible thanks to our partnership with the Tourist Foundation.

Close cooperation with this team allows us to implement our long-planned development and training plans.

Apply for cash and MTT and wait for open trainings from Tourist coaches on our platform.

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