GGpoker tightens control over the game

Players using third-party software, FlopZilla or preflop charts may get blocked.

On September 30, 2020, a blog post appeared on the GGpoker website:

In this article, the administration talks about the fact that thanks to new methods, new security software and with renewed power they are tightening the fight against players that use "Real-Time Assistance ('RTA')". Apparently by "RTA" they mean all kinds of prompt applications or assistants.

Some players have already been blocked, some have been warned.

In some cases, blocking occurred for players who had only FlopZilla or preflop charts opened in Excel.

Both cash players and MTT were blocked.

We assume that their software can see running processes and services, and also, apparently, it takes screenshots of the entire monitor area.


- Do not run any software at the same time with the GG client, which can be interpreted by them as a prompt. Despite the fact that in other rooms such software may be allowed.

- Do not even use banal charts, graphic ranges, FlopZilla, etc.

- Remove from the desktop, at least just in a folder, all poker software shortcuts that can be interpreted as prompts (solvers, ICMIZER, FlopZilla, charts, Excel and others .. .). Tracker shortcuts like H2N, HM, PT can be left on the desktop.

There were no complaints about the players who had trackers (H2N, HM, PT) and opened other poker clients.

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