Terms of Use of the FreeTeamClub.com platform

By using the Platform, you automatically agree and accept the Platform Terms of Use and agree to abide by these rules.

Terms and definitions

The FreeTeamClub.com platform is an Internet resource for education in the field of online poker by providing information services in the form of courses, training, webinars and in other forms. Platform “FreeTeamClub.com” - domain https://freeteamclub.com, unites intellectual property objects, including software, graphic design, posted videos, photos, text, sound or other materials on the site. The rightholder of the Platform “FreeTeamClub.com” is the Administration of the site https://freeteamclub.com.

Services of Platform "FreeTeamClub.com" are: educational program, which includes courses, trainings, webinars, and other services that are offered to the users on the Platform "FreeTeamClub.com" on conditionally free basis in accordance with the terms of platform and public contract offers (User Agreement).

User of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform is an individual who has registered on the website and received the assigned username and password.

Registration is a set of actions, after which, an individual is assigned the status of a User of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform. Registration is a voluntary expression of the will of an individual and corresponds to his intentions.

Account / Profile - contain information about the User, created as a result of registration and providing a number of authorized access rights to the services of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform.

Login - the nickname specified during registration - is used together with a password to authenticate the User.

Password is a secret sequential set of characters that protects access to the User's account. The password is stored on the FreeTeamClub.com Platform in an encrypted form and is used in conjunction with the login to authenticate the User.

Terms of Use of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform

The FreeTeamClub.com Platform Administration defines the terms of use of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform and reserves the right to make changes to them. The terms of use of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform may be updated by the Administration without prior or subsequent notice. The user must independently familiarize himself with the current version of the Terms of Use.

The terms of use of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform apply to all Users from the moment of registration and each subsequent authorized entry to the FreeTeamClub.com Platform.

The user can use the services of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform from the moment of registration. The user is obliged to independently verify the accuracy and correctness of his data filled in during the registration process. The data is provided by the User voluntarily. The conditions for the collection, processing and protection of personal data on the FreeTeamClub.com Platform are posted in the Privacy Policy. The FreeTeamClub.com platform does not require the provision of personal information to view the site.

The user is obliged to save login and password data and not transfer information about them to third parties. If necessary, the User's password can be restored by passing the appropriate procedure on the Platform “FreeTeamClub.com”. The Administration is not responsible for the loss of the User's login and password for accessing the Platform “FreeTeamClub.com”, which occurred through the fault or negligence of the User, as well as for any consequences associated with this.

The User is obliged to immediately notify the Administration in case of violation of the security of his personal access to the Platform “FreeTeamClub.com” using a login and password. The Administration is not responsible for changing / deleting the data of the User's account in case of authorized access to the Platform “FreeTeamClub.com” using the login and password of the registered User.

The account can be deleted by the Administration upon the written request of the User or based on terms provided for by the Terms of Use.

Changes in the operation of the services of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform, as well as full or partial termination of their work, may be made by the Administration unilaterally without warning.

The Administration has the right, without warning, to block the User's access to the FreeTeamClub.com Platform in case of violation of the Terms of Use or in the case of using the FreeTeamClub.com Platform in any way that may disrupt the normal functioning of the site and its services.

The administration has the right to block and / or delete, or edit any information posted by the User if it violates any rights of third parties, including but not exclusively: intellectual property rights, business reputation, at the request of the copyright holder or without it.

On the Platform “FreeTeamClub.com” it is prohibited to:

1. Publish information:

violating the rights of third parties;

containing insults and humiliation of anyone, inciting hatred, including national, ethnic, racial, religious or gender;

containing obscene expressions;

of an advertising nature without the written permission of the Administration;

That violates the law;

not related to the scope of activities and services of the Platform "FreeTeamClub.com" (spam).

2. Collect confidential information about users of the “FreeTeamClub.com” Platform;

3. Use the FreeTeamClub.com Platform for the purpose of causing property and non-property damage;

4. Use someone else's login and password without sufficient reason.

Any copying and use (in whole or in part) of the materials of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform is permitted only with the written consent of the Administration.

Rules for passing the Training Program on the FreeTeamClub.com Platform

When registering for training on the FreeTeamClub.com Platform, the User agrees that:

Will complete the Training Program in sufficient volume to achieve the desired results: attend online trainings, keep a training diary, do homework, provide a "hand history" to a coach, report on the tournaments played and hands, provide information on the results of games, as well as perform other actions provided by the learning process in accordance with the program and principles of the platform "FreeTeamClub.com ”.

Will have only one account on the https://freeteamclub.com/ website and will not provide it to anyone else;

Will not take actions that may unfairly improve the results of the User's game, including use of cheating software that is prohibited on the sites provided for the game.


The FreeTeamClub.com Platform shall under no circumstances be liable for any loss (including but not limited to loss of profit, data, addiction, loss of productivity, dismissal or business interruption, loss of programs or data in information systems or otherwise) arising from the use, inability to use or the results of using the FreeTeamClub.com Platform, or inoperability, error, omission, interruption, defect, downtime or delay in transmission, computer virus or system failure.

Cookie Policy

Cookie is a text file or files containing a small amount of information that are sent from a web browser and stored on the User's device.

The collection of some of the information sent from the User's browser, the so-called cookies, is carried out to make the visit to the FreeTeamClub.com Platform more convenient, to track visits to the FreeTeamClub.com Platform and to improve the service.

The user, if desired, can not send a cookie (the option is available in the browser settings). However, disabling the cookie sending function may limit your use of the FreeTeamClub.com Platform.

Cookies help to measure the number and frequency of requests, as well as to identify and block visitors or devices that try to perform batch downloads of information from the “FreeTeamClub.com” Platform.

Types of Cookies used on the Platform “FreeTeamClub.com”:

1. Mandatory Cookies

This type of cookie allows you to fully use the site and all its functions (for example, access to protected areas of the site). Without these files, not all site features will be available to the User.

2. Performance Cookies

These cookies collect information about how users interact with the site. The data is used to improve the site's performance. The information these cookies collect is anonymous.

Google Analytics cookies, Google Tag Manager: used to analyze certain User actions on the “FreeTeamClub.com” platform.

Yandex Metrica cookies: allow you to distinguish between visitors and ensure the correct operation of Webvisor.

3. Functional cookies

Cookies of this type are used to ensure the full operation of the site: they identify the sessions of visitors, to increase security, determine the language preferences of the User, make it possible to personalize the visit to the site. The information these cookies collect is anonymous.

CloudFlare cookies are used for security - identifying trusted traffic.

4. Advertising (target) cookies

Cookies of this type collect information about the browsing habits of the site related to the User's device and are used to make advertising more relevant to the User and taking into account his interests. Also, these files can be used by third parties providing services to the FreeTeamClub.com Platform.

Cookies of Youtube.com, MyTarget, Google Ads services are used for targeting and selection of relevant content for the User.

5. Social Networking Cookies

The FreeTeamClub.com Platform uses Facebook social network cookies to analyze advertising campaigns and track social network users when they visit the FreeTeamClub.com Platform using the tagging mechanism provided by the social network. These cookies can also be used for event tracking and remarketing purposes. Any data collected through these tags will be used in accordance with the FreeTeamClub.com Platform's privacy policy and the social networking site's privacy policy.

In order to use all the features of the “FreeTeamClub.com” Platform, we recommend that you enable cookies.

The Cookie Policy may be updated by the Administration, therefore we recommend that you periodically review it to be informed about which Cookies are used by the “FreeTeamClub.com” platform.