“We have become friends with all our team”, - interview with player Denis “mCZIQ013”

About teamwork, the importance of communication with a coach and what a poker player needs for success.

- Hi, tell us a little about yourself and your poker successes before joining FreeTeam.

Hi, my name is Denis, I'm 29 years old. I work as a repairman for computers and phones. In my free time, which, to be honest, I have less and less now, I like to play volleyball, which I used to play at a professional level. Also, sometimes I go out to play poker offline.

I got acquainted with poker as a game in 2007, having stumbled upon the broadcast of a series on TV. Naturally, I didn't understand much, but since I liked playing cards, I became very interested. Then, for a while, my interest disappeared, until one day a client brought a laptop to my work in 2018 for a setup, and there was a Pokerstars client. I decided to ask about how all this works. He told me about his small successes, and I decided that it was worth trying to start playing.

Literally a week later, by some miracle, I took 7th place in a tournament for the first time in my life, and then - 2nd place in 1-dollar tournaments. Of course, it brought me some confidence. At that time I used to withdraw the money won, there was no talk about bankroll management, of course. I started to deposit 5 to 10 dollars from time to time, and I played everything that was interesting and inexpensive. In August of the same year, I joined an online school, where I studied until 2019.

At that school I started to understand that poker is not just a game of luck, that there are such things as positions, outs, pot odds, etc. After my poker education, my profit line slowly and permanently started to go down: I played as I wanted and eventually reached the level of -1000 dollars after just six months. Later I managed to slightly correct the skid line in one tournament, and in early 2020 made another small skid. I took out all the profit and continued to play in my own way.

- How did you find out about the FreeTeam project?


I learned about the project at the well-known poker forum. When I realized that I wanted to take a more serious approach to the game, I realized that the best option is to join some kind of fund and started to submit applications for coaching with full backing. They did not answer me right away, and I already started to think that it was just a waste of time.

And then, suddenly, I received an answer from my future coach that they are ready to take me, and there were just a few things left to discuss. I was very happy about this, for me this was another, as it turned out, a new pleasant round in my life and poker career, in particular. Actually, lots of good reviews about FreeTeam formed the basis of my choice of this fund.

- How long have you been in the project?

Several months, starting from May 29, 2020

- What goals did you set for yourself, starting to cooperate with FreeTeam?

The main goal was to join a team of like-minded and experienced coaches, in which I can grow exactly as a regular player at limits, and not just play for fun a little better than before. Other goals such as being organized in the game, constantly learning new trends in poker, playing with the conscious bankroll management and making money derived from my main goal.

- What can you say about the members of the team and its coaches?

Since I got into the fund and never changed it, I can't say something about the others, but judging by the communication and success of other participants, their training is efficient. As a matter of fact,  I have very good impressions about the Aleksey Sociolog Drozdov Fund and his way of coaching.

If he doesn’t answer your question, it means that he is sleeping, there are no other options. Also, he is relatively close to the limits we play, and this helps to better understand and transfer our knowledge of the "field" to us. Also, there are several guys in the fund who came almost the same time with me to the fund and almost everyone, like me, is growing confidently in all aspects of the game. We have become friends with our whole team.


- What successes have you already achieved in poker while working with FreeTeam?

During my time in the project, I grew from the starting ABI 1.5, where I played SNGs and cheap dollar tournaments, to ABI 5.5, where, of course, it’s a slightly different game, with more conscious opponents. Such growth does not happen without pleasant moments from the financial side of the game. There were many victories, one of the last and most enjoyable: "bestcash" in Big for $ 3.3. Plus, thanks to the Sunday trainings organized by the coach, I began to understand how to work with poker software, which I had only heard about before and did not understand how to use it.

- What are your plans for further cooperation with FreeTeam? Do you plan to eventually become a coach and open your own foundation?

Grow in my understanding of the game, keep up with the trends of poker, move faster to new limits and work better on my own game.

I'm not interested in coaching yet, but in the future,  with the help of a coach and a team, I can bring poker to be the main source of my income, then why not? Moreover, this gives an additional incentive to work on the game.

- What advice would you give to all newbies who want to develop in poker? And directly to the newcomers of the FreeTeam project?

To all newcomers, and in particular to newcomers to the FreeTeam, I would advise not to be lazy, because laziness is our main enemy. To achieve success, you do not need to have some kind of talent and extraordinary mind, the main thing is to overcome your laziness. The rest will be explained to you and excellent coaches will teach you everything, and your teammates will help you to join the process and become a part of a large poker community.

- Thank you for agreeing to take the time.

Thank you, good luck at the tables to all of us!

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