FreeTeam goes GLOBAL

FreeTeam history has started over a decade ago as a private staking and poker coaching practice for newbie players.

Back in those days, all the education was held offline in a small apartment in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. And for many people the idea that you can teach someone for free and 100% fund somebody with just a promise of success fee payment in case your student-player starts profiting did really sound insane. Nevertheless, the model has proven itself quite fast and after 10 years of hard work and innovations we’ve built a company, that unites more than 400 players, has over 3000 graduates and today FreeTeam is literally the only one online poker team in Russia-speaking market that gives zero level poker players a chance to build a professional career.


FreeTeam is a true gem on the market of online poker education, but till this year we’ve been only focused on Russian-speaking markets. Today we’re on our way to bring this gem to all the poker players and wannabes all over the world. Now prepare to launch FreeTeam's multi-language divisions in 2021 (starting with English language, of course) and look for local partners and teams to start the business in new markets. We are open to cooperate with: poker players, poker staking teams, coaches, poker academies and co-investors.


What do we offer?


FreeTeam has a lot to offer to any potential member from the lists above:


Cooperation option for STAKING PRO-TEAMS: we are ready to offer a share in our business and cooperate in terms of selection, growth and further transfer of the best player to a partner TOP-team


Business opportunities for COACHES: an easy way to start, manage and grow a coaching/staking business within our platform. 


Poker ACADEMIES: we’re ready to cooperate with academies in terms of marketing options, players and coaches, as well as educational content exchange.


Staking for PLAYERS ABI0.1 - ABI20 with free online courses for newbies, group and individual coaching, 100% funding and more. 




We’d be happy to talk with any interested party and welcome you to send you profiles, questions and ideas to [email protected] 


Best of luck to all!

Sincerely yours,

Team of FreeTeam

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